Eggy 〜Basal body temperature app 〜




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 ◽️ What's new version 1.6

 ◽️ Direct access to Eggy


To by From the top of the screen by swiping down, you can check the next period day.

If you tap the area to access immediately Eggy app.


You have just added can function.


And directly from the lock screen also in body temperature input screen of today


You can move.


(iOS8 only later is a feature that can be used)


 ◻️ Main tool bar manu


There are five button at under tool bar.




  This calendar display information body temperature or icon. You can check the calendar on the menses and ovulation.




  This menu display temperature graph and wight graph.



  This menu display Period log Data.



    You can record temperature, memo,weight,icon by this menu.




  This menu display the actions such as backup data , output graph image.




  This menu display Setting of Eggei.








 ◻️ Record display


Recrod display.




Please input the information by tap the Temp. , Weight , memo or icon button.


If you want to delete icon, please push icon button again.


















◻️ Graph



You can check the graph of temperature and weight and tarm of pregnancy and menses.





You can change display / undisplay of icon information by icon display button.




















Zoom arrow next direction will be displayed at the top of the screen when you tap, press and hold at the same time with two fingers sideways. Zoom in the horizontal direction is possible to do pinch in / pinch out in this state.




























【Average cycle】

  Average of period datas you record.


     You can exclude this average calculate by switch under period list.




【Use prediction】

  If you want to predict next period by this average, please switch ON 

     [Use prediction]


      If you set off this switch, next period calculate by under setting data.


     [Setting] →[Period cycle]→[Munual cycle]















◻️Out put Graph



























 Out put your graph image.


  1.Tap action button


  2.Tap [Output graph image]

      3.Prease select last day ob graph.


  4.Prease select term of graph.


  5.Prease select output mode button.


   ①Picture button → Graph image is saved to Camera roll.

   ②Print button → You can print directly ,if you have printer with air-print function.

   ③Mail button → You can send mail attached graph image file.

   ④PDF button → You can open PDF graph data from other application.



◻️Send backup data

Send backup data.




  1.Tap action button


  2.Tap [Send buckup data]


  3.Send to your e-mail.



 【Read buckup data】


  1.Long tap the attachment of e-mail.


  2.Tap [Eggei] icon.


◻️Graph area and standard line


You can change the area of graph and standerd temperature line.


◻️Icon setting


You can change the icon image and title.



 ◻️ Synchronization of menses and ovulation to iCal.

You can synchronize tarm of menses and ovulation to iCal.


By notify switch you can accept alarm before the tarm.




◻️Setting morning alarm

You can open record display directry from iPhone rock display by using morming alarm.